Movie Review: Red 2 by Jason Burleson

Red 2 is the subsequent follow up to 2010’s cinematic action-comedy Red. After grossing over $90 million domestically, it was really only a matter of when they would make this film rather than if they would make a sequel.  Fortunately, for us, it was sooner rather than later as again the sequel finds home to... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: A Good Day to Die Hard

Are you ready for the fifth Die Hard?!  This trailer does exactly what it is meant to do, and it does it pretty awesomely.  Who doesn't like explosions, guns, and a woman stripping?  All in all, this is great teaser trailer.  This Die Hard stars Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney (the son), Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Patrick Stewart... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Looper

Angela and I share our thoughts on Rian Johnson's new time travel/sci-fi film Looper. It's a grand ol' time filled with lots of fawning and gushing. And that's just over Joseph Gordon Levitt! We briefly mention the film as well, so don't worry. JKJK, y'all! It was hard to talk about this film with spoiling... Continue Reading →

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