Into the Woods – Review

Movie-goers of all ages have been anxiously waiting for Into the Woods to arrive. Whether they are fans of the original musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine or not, the draw of a star-studded cast portraying their favorite fairytale characters bouncing around in a mash-up of tales (with a bit of a dark spin)... Continue Reading →

Movie Review – Horrible Bosses 2

Three years ago, I was caught off guard by the surprisingly funny Horrible Bosses. But, at the end of my review, I specifically mention that a sequel probably wouldn't be the right move. Horrible Bosses had the fun premise of, "Ever wish your boss were dead?" Horrible Bosses 2 isn't about killing your boss and the villains... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

If you would have told me about four years ago that Star Trek was going to become one of the biggest franchises again, I would have laughed it off.  I mean the franchise itself, in film form, has existed since 1979 with Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which was just basically money shots of the... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Into Darkness Prize-Pack Giveaway! *CLOSED*

JJ Abrams may have just been announced as the director of Star Wars Episode VII, but before that, the director had entered into that franchise's biggest enemy, the Star Trek universe. After releasing an incredible reboot, simply titled Star Trek in 2009, Abrams is back with that film's long awaited sequel which, as the title implies, brings the characters and... Continue Reading →

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