Nerve – Review

Nerve is a teen thriller and action flick that touts a shiny, neon feel and cutting edge social media combined with the age old game of Dare. This isn't an entirely original concept - we've seen it before with David Fincher's The Game. While Nerve doesn't pull off the story as well as the former, it definitely... Continue Reading →

Now You See Me 2 – Review

With a franchise like Now You See Me, magic is dished out in more ways than one. There are the magic tricks and the movie magic tricks. Individually these are both great concepts, but in the case of Now You See Me 2 (NYSM2) these two forms of magic tend to cancel each other out,... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Neighbors

In a summer that already seems to be massively dominated by Superhero films and reboots of already existing franchises, Seth Rogan's latest comedy moves in next door and shuts it all down. Neighbors very smartly and hilariously shows what happens when a college Frat House that moves in next door to a couple of mid 30s adults... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Now You See Me

The last magic trick that I was ever really impressed with was when The Joker made a pencil disappear into the deep eye socket of some stooge who thought he could take on The Joker.  To me it was a clever and brutal trick, one that is still surprising time after time, but really it... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Warm Bodies (Sarah’s Review)

Let's make this clear upfront.  Warm Bodies is not Twilight with zombies. There was an early promotional poster that screamed Twilight, and got fans of the novel quite perturbed.  Any comparisons to Twilight are undeserved as Warm Bodies is quite the inventive, quirky, romantic comedy with zombies to ever exist. I read the novel by... Continue Reading →

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