Amira and Sam – Review

Sam (Martin Starr) is a soldier recently discharged from the military and struggling to succeed as a comedian. While returning a memento to Bassam (Laith Nakli), an Iraqi translator that accompanied his unit, he meets Bassam's niece, Amira (Dina Shihabi). Turned bitter by her own tragedies caused by the war, Amira wants nothing to do... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: I Declare War

I Declare War is the movie that we all lived and experienced when we were young and outside playing with friends.  It is the sort of movie that reminds you what it is like being a young kid and getting a group of friends together to play war.  Whether you were the rich kids with... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Act of Killing

“History is written by winners, and we won.”  A morbid act of justification and pride, this line uttered by the subject of the documentary The Act of Killing.  Director Joshua Oppenheimer takes a look at the genocide that befell Indonesia in the 1960’s, specifically focusing on the those that carried out the war crimes by... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Miami Connection

Get ready for the reunion tour of a lifetime.  Getting the band back together, the ass kicking, taekwondo orphans, mega rock band Dragon Sound, is being resurrected for a brand new audience for some of the best 80s music around.  Synth playing, mullet rocking, guitar shredding, pop infectious lyrics will get you jumping out of... Continue Reading →

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