Lost in Previews: Prince Avalanche

Prince Avalanche was shown at the SXSW Film Festival last month, and our reviewers Angela and Ryan really liked it.  It is a simple film.  Two actors out in the woods, painting lines on the road.  The film comes off as more comedy than drama in this trailer, but since I have not personally seen... Continue Reading →

SXSW Movie Review: Prince Avalanche

Without any further delay, we want to declare Prince Avalanche as one of the best films watched at SXSW 2013. I know the SXSW Film Awards say differently, but it was just fantastic. It was not a world premiere in Austin and had previously been seen at Sundance with rave reviews as well. The story... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Killer Joe

My excitement is through the roof as the trailer for my favorite movie of the year was released today. The preview gives nothing away and still manages to engage it's audience. An audience that won't be under the age of 17 however, as Killer Joe has maintained it's NC-17 branding. A rating that I don't think it deserves. You can read my review of... Continue Reading →

SXSW Film: Killer Joe

When first arriving at SXSW I would have never thought that my favorite film of the fest would be Killer Joe. I say that right off the bat because Killer Joe is just that good. The film has everything you would expect from a Texas thriller: sex, murder, and mayhem all wrapped up in some good old family values. It scares me how... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Taking Woodstock

Taking Woodstock feels like the experience I might have had if I had been able to attend the concert. From cross dressers to naked dancers to meeting new friends in a van at the concert, This movie is a great time. Taking Woodstock is the adaptation of the memoir Taking Woodstock: A True Story of... Continue Reading →

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