Ex Machina – Review

There are many films, novels, and games that tackle the concept of artificial intelligence, utilizing an even larger variety of perspectives on the subject. Whether it's the apocalyptic domination of Terminator, the equality struggle of the Geth in Mass Effect, or the acceptance seen in Star Trek, the idea of artificial intelligence can inspire people to create vastly... Continue Reading →


For Sci-Fi fans the outlook for original content is bleak. In the area of nostalgic remakes, it's hard for film makers to breath under the weight of monolithic studio output. This is what makes a film like EX MACHINA so special. Alex Garland's directorial debut acts as a swan song to broad reach intelligent cinema.... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced: Ex Machina

Ex Machina Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Artist: Tony Harris This is hands down, one of the finest comics series you will ever read. "Ex Machina" is Latin for "From the machine". This is the story of Mitchell Hundred, who unexplainedly has some alien glyph of some sort of intelligent nanomatter blow up in his face... Continue Reading →

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