Bumbershoot 2013: Day 3

And so it came to this, the last day of Bumbershoot 2013. Although Day 2, on Sunday, featured some of the festival’s biggest names in terms of bands whose heyday was in the past (The Zombies, The Animals, Death Cab for Cutie), Monday’s acts seemed to represent more of the present. As the sun-crisped crowds... Continue Reading →

Bumbershoot 2013: Day 2

Luckily, most of these kids were still asleep when the day’s first act, Kithkin, hit the stage. Squinting through a sun only minutes away from hitting its zenith, the band charged into their set with the same reckless abandon for which they are quickly establishing a reputation. Lost in Reviews caught Kithkin’s act at this... Continue Reading →

Kanrocksas Returns in 2013!

As most Kansas Citian's (Kansas City-ites? Kansas City-uns?) may already know, 2012 did not have a Kanrocksas. The inaugural launch of the festival 2011 at the Kansas Speedway, headlined by Muse, The Flaming Lips, and a big M&M, proved to be quit a success. But due to renovations of the speedway, KC was left in... Continue Reading →

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