Crimson Peak – Review

Guillermo del Torro is a master storyteller, which is evident through all the many  films he's written from Pan's Labyrinth, to The Devil's Backbone, to The Hobbit Trilogy. His approach to suspense, action, horror, and dark fantasy is undeniably clever - which is why he has such a following by fans and critics alike. With... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Mama

"What's in the closet...?"  That's probably one question none of us truly want to know the answer to.  Curiosity beckons with the door slightly ajar.  Your instincts scream for you to stop, but you edge closer anyway, the need to prove to yourself that you are being childish nearly outweighing your fear.  Do you open... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim picked up in buzz since San Diego Comic Con 2012 this summer.  The first trailer is now here and it looks like a combination of Godzilla, Transformers, The Power Rangers, and Real Steel.  I know there has to be other films that can be thrown in that mix.  This is Guillermo del Toro's... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Mama

The first image from Mama came out in Entertainment Weekly last week.  I was intrigued because Jessica Chastain is in it, and I don't see her taking on a role in a crappy horror flick.  Maybe she thought this would be a good film.  She might be right based on the trailer that was released... Continue Reading →

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