Movie Review: Jack the Giant Slayer

Everyone has heard of Jack and the Beanstalk.  If you haven’t, you should get out from underneath that rock you live under and invest in some Old English Fairy Tales. I’m also sorry your childhood sucked. Come on, seriously, if you haven’t, where have you been for the last 200 years?  This is a story... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman (SWATH) is another film to take a stab at the classic tale from the Brothers Grimm, which is noticeably different from the Walt Disney Classic. Taking on a more dark and gritty atmosphere, SWATH tells the story of Snow White (Kristen Stewart) leading a revolution against her wicked step-mother, Ravenna... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Case 39

Here's a creepy kid thriller/horror for you.  Case 39 is a movie that has been around for awhile and is now getting a release in the US.  This could be a good or a bad sign.  I tend to go toward the latter.  The movie stars Renee Zellweger, Bradley Cooper, Ian McShane, and Jodelle Ferland... Continue Reading →

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