Terminator Genisys – Review

Following Hollywood's trend of making 2015 into a revival year (Mad Max, Jurassic Park, Star Wars), we're seeing the newest entry into the Terminator franchise: Genisys. Genisys looks to retcon the entire film series through the use of a "nexus" creating a different timeline. I know that many people like to complain about the desolate wasteland that is... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Divergent by Jason Burleson

The next in line on the “based on a book” bandwagon is the new film Divergent.  This post apocalyptic science fiction thriller could potentially be very successful if it’s able to amass only a fraction of the book’s fan base to fill the already warmed seats from the multitude of films within the last year... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: A Good Day to Die Hard

Are you ready for the fifth Die Hard?!  This trailer does exactly what it is meant to do, and it does it pretty awesomely.  Who doesn't like explosions, guns, and a woman stripping?  All in all, this is great teaser trailer.  This Die Hard stars Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney (the son), Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Patrick Stewart... Continue Reading →

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