The Drop: Review

If I was pressed for an answer, I'd probably say that my favorite genre of movie is "crime thriller." They're usually a pressure cooker of a plot, paired with a runaway train of complications - all covered with just the right amount of dirt. The Drop is a textbook example of just such a movie.... Continue Reading →

Week in the News: June 16-22

The entertainment industry lost a giant among men this week when James Gandolfini passed away from a sudden heart attack.  Gandolfini was best known for his role in the HBO drama The Sopranos.  He has been described by colleagues as a kind and gracious man who was enormously talented.  At the time of his passing... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Violet & Daisy

Violet & Daisy tells the story of two teenage hired hit girls in New York City.  Daisy (Saoirse Ronan) and Violet (Alexis Bledel) have the market cornered on young assassins.  Working for a boss, they are sent out on jobs working as a team.  Each assassin is numbered according to rank.  Violet is number 8... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away is David Chase’s first foray into feature films.  He is well known as the creator, writer, and occasional director of HBO’s The Sopranos.  David Chase wrote and directed Not Fade Away, so I can assume that the subject of the 1960s and rock and roll is something that he is passionate about.... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Not Fade Away

David Chase (The Sopranos) makes his move into film in Not Fade Away.  He is both the writer and director of this look at teenagers growing up in the 1960s, who are inspired to form a band of their own.  They appear to become somewhat successful, and one of them wins a girl he went... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Welcome to the Rileys

Being a huge Kristen Stewart fan, I was eagerly awaiting the trailer for Welcome to the Rileys.  It premiered today online.  It was filmed in Louisiana  in 2008 before Twilight was released and Kristen became a star.  This is an independent film that has been to Sundance, the Berlin and LA Film Festivals.  It has finally... Continue Reading →

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