Fantastic Four – Review

Marvel has created a superhero boom in mainstream American entertainment, demolishing the box offices with every release from their Avengers team. Largely beginning with the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel began to prove that you could make quality films based on comic books. Suddenly, superhero movies weren't just something to occupy your kids with for 80... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Eagle

The Eagle is set in the second century when Rome occupied much of Britain.  Not everyone backed down to the Romans.  Many tribes in northern Britain refused to be under Roman rule and ruthlessly attacked Roman armies.  This led to Rome essentially giving up on northern Britain and building Hadrian's Wall, a Great Wall of China-esque... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: The Eagle

The Eagle is one of those historical Roman army movies that many guys will probably want to see.  Usually, these movies show plenty of gratuitous violence and I end up fast forwarding through most of those scenes.  The last one I saw was Centurion which is very similar in story and scope to The Eagle.  The... Continue Reading →

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