Jackie – Review

Everyone knows the story of JFK and that infamous morning in Dallas, whether you have the flashbulb memories of where you were when it happened or if you learned about it in your history classes. Even if you didn't pay attention to your schoolwork, JFK's demise has permeated into the fabric of pop culture and media.... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock is an English film based on the novel by Graham Greene.  The film is set in Brighton, England in 1964.  The main character is Pinkie, played by Sam Riley, who is some sort of low life kid who has gotten into a Brighton gang or mob.  The film follows him and the events... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Melancholia

This is the first trailer for Melancholia.  The film is directed by Lars Von Trier, who caused quite a stir at Cannes when he made comments about Nazis and Hitler at a press conference.  There is video of the conference if you want to search for it.  One good thing did come out of Cannes.... Continue Reading →

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