The Walk – Review

Daredevils and artists have always enjoyed risking some pesky trespassing charges to find the perfect place to base jump from, paint their masterpiece, or get the perfect photo. One such artist, Philippe Petit, found his masterpiece in hanging a wire between the two towers of the World Trade Center. His daring walk across the sky has... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Don Jon

After years of starring in countless great indie flicks, and some not-so-indie flicks, everyone's (or maybe just mine) biggest Hollywood Crush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has finally stepped behind the camera to write and direct his first film, Don Jon. Hearing that the 24/7 smiling charmer would finally be responsible for his own project was nearly a revelation,... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Don Jon

Don Jon, formerly called Don Jon's Addiction, is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut.  He also wrote the script.  The film has played at a couple of film festivals including SXSW.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt also plays the main character who is a little obsessed with porn, along with only a few other things in his life.  Into his... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Lincoln

Steven Spielberg could not have picked a better moment to release his latest film, Lincoln, about the last few months of Abraham Lincoln's life, his efforts to end the Civil War and to abolish slavery. With the current presidential election upon us (at the time of writing, the election has not yet happened), one can't... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Looper

Angela and I share our thoughts on Rian Johnson's new time travel/sci-fi film Looper. It's a grand ol' time filled with lots of fawning and gushing. And that's just over Joseph Gordon Levitt! We briefly mention the film as well, so don't worry. JKJK, y'all! It was hard to talk about this film with spoiling... Continue Reading →

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