Norm of the North – Review

Norm of the North (Norm) follows the story of Norm (Rob Schneider) who is a polar bear that just doesn't fit in! Wacky, right? Also, he's a dancer...and heir to some ambiguous polar bear throne. After a film crew managed by the friendly Vera (Heather Graham) shows up to shoot a commercial for a real... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Rapture-Palooza

People really take this end of the world business pretty seriously and they don't seem to care that each time the world is supposed to end it doesn't actually end.  In fact the only thing that happens is some people make a few extra bucks selling supplies to religious die-hards.  Although what they would need... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Hangover Part III

Here we go again...the Wolfpack is back. Was anybody really excited about a third installment after that "sequel"? Could we really take yet another washed out copy of the first movie, with regard for the audience thrown to the wind as they yank the money from our wallets and run off screaming in laughter at... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Pain and Gain

Marky Mark . . .err, I mean . . . Mark Wahlberg returns to the nineties and gets pumped up to play the role of trainer, muscle head, and a mediocre kidnapper in Pain and Gain.  Wahlberg is joined by the always muscular Dwayne Johnson and the somewhat muscular Anthony Mackie.  This film is based... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Turbo

Turbo is a new animated film from Dreamworks.  The film is about racing, but its star is a snail.  Yes, a snail.  It does not go much beyond that.  I don't know if this will be a mostly animal-centric film, or if humans will be involved as well.  I was a bit taken aback when... Continue Reading →

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