Lost in Previews: ‘The Lone Ranger’ Trailer 2

Our glimpse of The Lone Ranger just got a bit longer with the first full trailer.  The teaser trailer gives a preview of what is to come, but this first full trailer.  It shows us the origin of The Lone Ranger himself, why he wears a mask, and then it takes off from there.  If... Continue Reading →

SXSW Film: Eden

I went into Eden without knowing much about the film other than the synopsis, one image, and the main cast members.  There is no trailer for the film and that can be a crucial part of getting a feel for what type of film it could be.  Eden is about sex trafficking in the United... Continue Reading →

SXSW Film: Fat Kid Rules the World

Fat Kid Rules the World has been a project for first-time director, long-time actor, Matthew Lillard for nine years.  The film is based on the young adult novel of the same name by K.L. Going, published in 2003.  The film centers on the Fat Kid, Troy (Jacob Wysocki), who is an outcast in school and... Continue Reading →

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