Ghostbusters 2016 – Review

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who are you going to call? We all know exactly who we'd call. Ghostbusters has been a household name since it's original release in 1984 and a staple in movie collections for millions of fans. Why? The cast, the effects, the story, and the clever humor keeps us watching it... Continue Reading →

St. Vincent – Review

In some alternate universe, there are no sequels to the Bill Murray summer camp classic Meatballs. In that movie, Murray plays Tripper - a wise and protective camp counselor who ends up taking one of the smaller, quieter campers under his wing, and mentoring him to his true potential. In that same universe, St. Vincent is the true... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Heat

Among time has stood the cinematic great cop Buddies: Murtaugh and Riggs, Axel Foley and Rosewood & Taggart, Turner and Hooch. The best of the best. One thing within the buddy cop genre that's always been missing though, was a great buddy cop flick for all the girlfriend's of the world who get annoyed every... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Identity Thief

Identity Thief is one of those movies that promises you a wacky ride, and doesn't disappoint. That is, if "wacky" to you means low humor, slapstick, blunders, fat jokes, and lots of zany antics. Identity Thief also throws in a menagerie of unresolved side plots and weak dramatics, making me believe the title should be... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: The Heat

Melissa McCarthy has to be the biggest comedienne right now.  Since her role in Bridesmaids, she has been everywhere.  Her next big comedy has her up against Sandra Bullock in The Heat.  The film centers around the relationship between McCarthy's unprofessional Boston PD officer and Bullock's uptight FBI agent.  The supporting cast includes Michael Rapaport,... Continue Reading →

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