Dolphin Tale 2 Review

You guys remember all those feel-good animal movies from the '90s? Your Air Buds and your Free Willys and your Homeward Bounds? Well, it seems like someone still wants to ride that wave (ocean pun) because now we have our second chapter in the Dolphin Tale story. Our first time with Winter the dolphin saw... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Transcendence by Jason Burleson

It’s a resounding fact that the available technology of a certain age guides the development of that age. Another fact is that our technology is rapidly changing every day. Along with the advancement in technology, just exactly how this technology affects us is also changing.  In film, the hypothetical possibilities are endless.  Star Trek, Jurassic... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Now You See Me

The last magic trick that I was ever really impressed with was when The Joker made a pencil disappear into the deep eye socket of some stooge who thought he could take on The Joker.  To me it was a clever and brutal trick, one that is still surprising time after time, but really it... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Oblivion

Oblivion is only the second film ever made by director Joseph Kosinski. Although, it's extremely hard to tell. Having previously gotten his foot in the door by directing the fantastic sequel TRON: Legacy, the director had solidified himself as a top notch Science Fiction director. Before directing that film, he had created an eight page treatment for... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Oblivion

Tom Cruise's next sci-fi action film is Oblivion and here is the trailer.  While I think the effects and the CGI look great, the story itself keeps reminding me of bits and pieces of other films, like I have seen this all before, just in a different package.  The trailer itself is too long and... Continue Reading →

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