SXSW 2012 Spotlight: Grimes

Grimes is a name that you are about to become overly familiar with, and today the artist debuted her new video for "Oblivion." The song is a dark pop masterpiece that's lyrics send chills down my spine. Along with the video Grimes announced her latest tour dates and that she would be playing with Lost in Reviews' favorite Born Gold.... Continue Reading →

SXSW Music: Bear In Heaven

I literally stumbled upon the group Bear in Heaven at one of the many free day time shows at SXSW. The band comes from Brooklyn, NY and have been around since 2003, with their debut album, Red Bloom of the Boom out in 2007. Yet, I am just hearing them for the first time now.... Continue Reading →

SXSW Music: F*cked Up at Emo’s

I made it in through the back entrance of Emo's a few songs into Fucked Up's set. Vocalist Damian Abraham still had his shirt on so I must not have missed too much of it. For the uninitiated, Abraham has a tendency during their shows to remove his shirt. Something he would later in the... Continue Reading →

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