The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Review

The Divergent series has it's share of competition in the Young Adult Action/Drama genre. After a dismal sequel I had hope that the third installment would come back with a bang to move Divergent up in the ranks of the genre. Alas, Allegiant offers a valiant effort but lacks the story and grit to make... Continue Reading →

St. Vincent – Review

In some alternate universe, there are no sequels to the Bill Murray summer camp classic Meatballs. In that movie, Murray plays Tripper - a wise and protective camp counselor who ends up taking one of the smaller, quieter campers under his wing, and mentoring him to his true potential. In that same universe, St. Vincent is the true... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Impossible

“Who?” That will be your response when you start hearing the name Tom Holland tossed around for his impressive acting skills. The young man plays the oldest son of Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts’ characters in The Impossible, about one of the worst natural disasters in recent history. For those with short memories, Christmas 2004... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: The Impossible

Okay, guys.  I might have just teared up a bit watching this trailer for The Impossible.  The subject matter at hand for this film is the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia in 2004.  The focus is on one family who gets partially separated from each other and the journey to be reunited with each other.... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: J. Edgar

J. Edgar is Clint Eastwood's next film based on the life of J. Edgar Hoover.  Leonardo DiCaprio plays John Edgar Hoover and the film looks to be following him through all of his life, so DiCaprio has some aging to do.  Hoover formed the Bureau of Investigation which later became the FBI.  He was the... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Dream House

Here is a creepy thriller that hopefully turns out to be a good film.  Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz, Marton Csokas, Elias Koteas, and Jane Alexander star in Dream House.  And that title is the opposite of what this film is about.  I am all about thrillers as long as they are not too... Continue Reading →

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