No Escape – Review

Within the last few years, several events have occurred that have made people think twice about travelling. With the attacks on Britons in Tunisia and U.S. Ambassadors being killed in Benghazi, people are naturally a little frightened to be first-world citizens abroad. Generally, this fear is just a little paranoia, but Americans can get uneasy travelling... Continue Reading →

The November Man Review

  Pierce Brosnan returns to the spy game though this is not a rehashed Bond film. Brosnan plays Peter Devereaux, a CIA agent brought out of retirement for one last personal mission. Approached by his former handler Hanley (Bill Smitrovich), Devereaux must extradite a woman from Russia who holds information on a fast rising star... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Ghost Writer

The subject matter of The Ghost Writer may be curiously close to to the life of it's director, Roman Polanski, but it's political allegory left me forgetting about Polanski's recent extradition. Even though the story of a Prime Minister running to another country to escape trial does seem a little close to home. Minus the... Continue Reading →

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