Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

When I first heard that Spiderman was getting rebooted, initially, I thought, "Why? The last one came out within the past 5 years.". The original Spiderman trilogy, I saw each once, and didn't really care for, although I considered the first one being decent. The third being one of the worst things I've ever seen.... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Five-Year Engagement

The Five Year Engagement is the new film from Nicholas Stoller who previously directed both Forgetting Sarah Marshall and it's quasi-sequel Get Him To The Greek. Neither of which I particularly enjoyed that much, but I genuinely enjoyed The Five-Year Engagement. As usual, it was created not by just Stoller, but his longtime creative partner,... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Anonymous

Anonymous is a film about the question as to whether William Shakespeare actually wrote his plays.  Was it someone else?  Even I was enlightened about this theory in English class in high school and in college.  It is probably something that will never be solved, but it sure makes for a great film.  I am... Continue Reading →

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