SXSW Film: Trainwreck

If you're not already familiar with comedian Amy Schumer, you soon will be; she's about to blow up. Schumer is already known on the live comedy circuit and is starting her 3rd season of "Inside Amy Schumer" on Comedy Central. Now, she's about to become a movie star, starring and writing in the Judd Apatow... Continue Reading →

2015 SXSW ‘Midnighters’ Teaser Trailers

2015 SXSW Film Festival has officially announced their Midnighters line-up, and we have the teaser trailers for two of the films on that list. WE ARE STILL HERE Directed by Ted Geoghegan Produced by Travis Stevens, Greg Newman, Malik B. Ali, Badie Ali, Hamza Ali  Cast: Barbara Crampton (RE-ANIMATOR, YOU'RE NEXT), Andrew Sensenig (UPSTREAM COLOR),... Continue Reading →


This year's SXSW film line up is finally here and it's glorious! Ex Machina, Spy, and  a repertory showing of The Road Warrior with George Miller! If Road Warrior is anything like last year's screening of Godzilla, we'll be in for a few teases of greatness to come. Still, I have my fingers crossed that we'll get to see... Continue Reading →

SXSW Film: Sequoia

Facing death from cancer, a young woman decides to take her fate into her own hands by taking her own life. But she doesn't consider the impact that she has on the world until she meets an optimistic stranger in the Sequoia National Park. Unfortunately, she may be meeting him too late. "Sequoia" is a... Continue Reading →

SXSW Movie Review: Maladies

Remember that time that James Franco took a role on General Hospital, just to see what it was like? Well, this is the movie that inspired that quirky move! Franco plays James, a talented young soap opera actor that leaves the show, or is fired, for what is perceived to be a mental illness. He... Continue Reading →

SXSW Movie Review: Spring Breakers

The film that everyone has been waiting for! Here, you can finally see some reaction to the much anticipated Spring Breakers. Will it change your life? Will you want to change your ways? Or will you simply keep moving? Watch our video review below to find out. Spring Breakers is about four college girls are... Continue Reading →

SXSW Movie Review: Hours

Don't let anyone tell you watching a film cannot count as an endurance test. Everytime you watch a film that takes place underwater, don't you find yourself holding your breath right along with the protagonist? It's the same process with Hours. Forcing us to live through Hurricane Katrina with Nolan all over again, only this... Continue Reading →

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