Thousand Faced: Secret Six-Unhinged

Secret Six-Unhinged Writer:Gail Simone Artist: Nicola Scott Publisher:DC Comics The writer with some of the biggest balls in comics may very well be a woman. Gail Simone is rocking this series and now I have a new favorite title.  Awhile back she wrote Wonder Woman and of late in this very column I lamented the... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced: The Rocketeer

The Rocketeer Writer and Artist: Dave Stevens Published by: IDW Publishing Nothing zings my heart and makes my blood race like the art deco futurism of the 1930s. A stubby winged, long cowled plane with bulbous wheel covers and a gorgeous dame who really knows how to almost not wear silky perfumed underthings and oh... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced: 7 Psychopaths

Written by:Fabien Vehlman Art by: Sean Phillips Published by: BOOM! Studios Translated by: Dan Heching So many of you have likely pondered the inevitable question; why didn't somebody just kill Hitler's mangy syphilitic ass and save us all a butt load of trouble? Seriously. It's not that hard to do. If you wanna slag an... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced: Starman

Starman Writer: James Robinson Art: Tony Harris Published by DC Comics Legacy. This is what Robinson's Starman has to offer that touches me. I must be on my third or fourth read of this excellent title and it still gives me shivers of delight and glows of warmth. Nobody in their right mind no matter... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Written by: Robert Kirkman Illustrated by: Charlie Adlard Published by: Image Comics Here we are. It's Halloween week and I've been saving up to do this one. It's been quite some time since I've read a comic book series that has got me as involved in the story as this one has.... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced-Preacher

Preacher Written by: Garth Ennis Artist: Steve Dillon Covers by: Glen Fabry Publisher: DC/Vertigo In a month of Halloween tinged articles on comics, I would be woefully remiss if I didn't cover at least one of the Vertigo titles. To me and my weird-ass friends, Preacher is king shit of edgy supernatural stories containing serious... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced-Pigeons From Hell

Pigeons From Hell Writer: Joe R. Lansdale (adapted from Robert E. Howard) Artists: Nathan Fox and Dave Stewart Publisher: Dark Horse Comics First off, really cool and intriguing cover. A mass of pigeons taking off in the dusk to form a skullish visage over a dilapidated mansion. Hmmm...let's crack this one open and see what's... Continue Reading →

Thousand Faced: Ides of Blood 1 & 2

Ides of Blood 1 & 2 Writer: Stuart C. Paul Artist: Christian Duce Published by: Wildstorm It is October, the month of Halloween. This column will feature creepy features for the entire month. This week we'll deal with vampires. With all the trendiness and hoopla now engulfing the vampire genre ala Twilight and True Blood,... Continue Reading →

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