The Revenant – Review

Every once in a while, a movie will appear that will grab your attention and never let go – keep you spell-bound. The Revenant is just such a movie, offering a creative take on the classic revenge and survival genres. Even more so than Birdman, The Revenant is a director’s movie - a showcase for... Continue Reading →

Mad Max: Fury Road – Review

Since the first Mad Max was released in 1979, people have gravitated to them. The outrageous action and stunts fit perfectly into its bizarre post-apocalyptic environment. Max has been laying dormant since we last saw him in the Thunderdome, but director George Miller has gone on to have a very successful and varied career. Despite going... Continue Reading →

The Drop: Review

If I was pressed for an answer, I'd probably say that my favorite genre of movie is "crime thriller." They're usually a pressure cooker of a plot, paired with a runaway train of complications - all covered with just the right amount of dirt. The Drop is a textbook example of just such a movie.... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Locke by Jason Burleson

Just a few weeks ago, Dallas had one of its largest events for film reviews. The Dallas International Film Festival is a highlight for movie goers, actors, and film promoters.  This is where I first heard of the new film Locke.  The film festival has grown quite a bit since it began.  In fact, it’s... Continue Reading →

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