Movie Review: Lawless (Sarah’s Take)

There is always that one film every year.  When you see it, you know it.  It may not be a film that you were even excited to see nor had any great expectations for it.  When the end credits start to roll, you think, “That was amazing” or whatever your equivalent might be.  The year... Continue Reading →

Win Free Passes to See LAWLESS in Dallas TX!

Win a screening pass for you and a guest to see LAWLESS in Dallas, TX! SYNOPSIS: In the mountains of Franklin County, Virginia, the Bondurant brothers are the stuff of legend. The eldest, Howard (Jason Clarke), managed to survive the carnage of the Great War, but he returned home unmoored by what he had seen and done. His... Continue Reading →

New Poster for ‘Lawless’

If you are in love with Tom Hardy like I am, then you are probably anxious to see Lawless.  This is the new poster for the film about moonshine gangsters.  From those who saw the film at Cannes, I heard that the relationship between Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain's characters is HOT.  The cast also... Continue Reading →

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