Lost In Previews: Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted

Yes!! Everyone's favorite furry little dudes are back following the greatness that was the sort-of-reboot of the Muppets franchise, 2010's The Muppets! While Jason Segal does not return as the sequel's screenwriter, Flight Of The Conchords directed James Bobin DOES return for directing duties, meaning we'll get more of the same fun and quirkiness that came with the... Continue Reading →

Lost in Previews: Rapture-Palooza

People really take this end of the world business pretty seriously and they don't seem to care that each time the world is supposed to end it doesn't actually end.  In fact the only thing that happens is some people make a few extra bucks selling supplies to religious die-hards.  Although what they would need... Continue Reading →

Lost In Previews: GRAVITY

I've been following Alfonso Cuarón's new film Gravity for quite some time, and was pretty dismayed when it was delayed from it's scheduled fall 2012 release to fall 2013. Although, with a little patience, the wait is finally coming to an end. There are several reasons why this film will be great: George Clooney returning to his first Sci-Fi... Continue Reading →

Lost In Previews: The Wolverine

At one point in time the wonderful Darren Aronofsky was attached to direct the follow-up to the "so bad it's not even funny" X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but soon realized that his time could be spent on much better films. It was at that point that any interest in the project I may have had left the... Continue Reading →

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