Interview with Little Daylight, Playing at House of Blues Dallas on August 13th

LD - Timothy Saccenti - General 3In support of their debut album Hello Memory, Brooklyn trio Little Daylight will be performing at the House of Blues Dallas on August 13th. I was able to get some questions answered by the band as they are currently on the road to Texas, here is the Q&A direct from the band members themselves.

How is your tour going?
We’ve gotten deep with a biker gang in Tennessee, observed misspelled racist rants in a gas station bathroom (Klu Klux Klan), got shooed out of another gas station for throwing a football, debuted our brand new light show, and played to crowds full of people singing along to almost every song. Pretty damn good I’d say.

Have you played in Texas before?
Our first live show ever was at SXSW in 2013. We also played Houston and Dallas before. And we love barbecue.

What are your biggest musical influences?
The X axis is from Robyn to Neil Young. The Y axis is from Madonna to Nirvana.

What are some of your favorite tour stories so far?
Eric is a vegetarian and ordered some vegetarian sausage for brunch this morning but it wasn’t vegetarian at all. It was good old regular sausage and he actually took a bite. But then he spit it out. Disaster averted.

Is there a particular track that you are most proud of or is most personal to you?
My Life, which we’ll be playing a lot on this tour, is really close to us because it comes from Nikki’s experience growing up and learning that what gets you in trouble with parents and teachers can actually be one of those life-forming changes. It’s also fun as hell to play.

What do you want potential fans to get from attending a show?
A cross between the feeling of skydiving and winning a surprise vacation to Tokyo.


A surprise trip to Tokyo sounds awesome to me! If you are interested in catching the band on the road upcoming shows include Dallas on 8/13, Denver 8/15, and Salt Lake City on 8/16.

Post by Reanna Streater

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