Grouplove at House of Blues Dallas


This band is such a fun treat live, this was the third time I have seen them.  Each tour in support of their albums, Never Trust a Happy Song, Spreading Rumors, and now Big Mess has been a gathering of dancing, energy, and trippy colors rolling everywhere.  They are a casual group of performers that seem to just want to share their excitement and happiness with you as they play as a group of friends on stage.

The first song of the set “I’m With You” started out dreamy and the band entered with Christian and Hannah sporting their technicolor hair, which they had waaaay before Pinterest said it was cool. Christian was wearing a regular outfit of jeans and a shirt. Mind you, I have seen him perform an entire show in a flannel bathrobe.  Hannah started out in a large baggy dress, but before they could roll into the second song “Itching on a Photograph.,” she had peeled that off to reveal a metallic bodysuit that pretty much made her everyone’s Fifth Element fantasy come to life.  Christian didn’t even wait threes songs before he started diving into the audience and surfing.  There was a small boy of about ten years old in the front with his super cool parents that was just over the moon to see these guys. He got noticed which is always so cute to see!

The set list included songs from their entire collection: “Lovely Cup,” “Hippy Hill,” “Shark Attack” and a super rendition of the Beastie Boys classic “Sabotage.” The encore was “Ways to Go” and “Colours.”

The band partnered with as part of the celebration for the release of Big Mess and offered fans a chance to create videos that the band would then chose 11 winners for a $3000 cash prize.  Winners selected so far can be seen here

Grouplove is: Christian Zucconi (vocals, guitar), Hannah Hooper (vocals, keys), Andrew Wessen (guitar, vocals), Ryan Rabin (drums), and Daniel Gleason (bass). For any information on their upcoming shows check their official website

img_0167 img_0161 img_0137 img_0133 img_0126 img_0112 img_0073 img_0052 img_9914 img_9819 img_9801 img_9766 img_9697

Photos and Review by Reanna Streater

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