SXSW Comedy: Bob Saget & friends bring the laughs to support local cause

Often, in the hustle and bustle of SXSW, the purpose of an event can get lost. New bands get overlooked for every Miley Cyrus cameo or free booze makes one forget what product was getting launched at a party. However, at the Yahoo House, celebrities used their star power draw and free alcohol for a good cause instead. Bog Saget, SNL comedians and their friends all came together for a laugh-packed evening raising awareness for LGBTQ equality and funds for OutYouth.

DJ Two Fresh and Vanessa Bayer emceed the evening, breaking up the stand up performances with music and special video skits explaining Above Average and The Ally Coalition’s cause and its importance for supporting local LGBTQ support organizations like OutYouth.

OutYouth is a local non-profit organization in Austin, TX that supports and provides services to LGBTQ youth, ages 12-19. For more information on how you can support OutYouth, visit

Each comedian mixed their personal stories related to the LGBTQ community with their unique brand of humor or music. Jay Pharaoh proved he was quite renaissance man by not only doing a series of outstanding impressions, but also sharing a personal song with the audience. Eminem better watch out — Jay Pharaoh not only does a killer impression of the rapper, but his rap skills are just as good in reality.

Bob Saget was the main draw for the evening and for any Full House fan, he did not shy away from poking fun at the show, sharing some jokes that would make Danny Tanner blush. Saget brought it full circle to the cause at the heart of the show by ending with his song, “Danny Tanner Was Not Gay.” It was a bit tongue in cheek and played on some stereotypes, but still made sense in his greater routine.

When everyone went home for the night, it was with smiles on their faces and hopefully more open hearts. This event was a rare moment of selflessness in a festival surrounded by “gimme freebies” culture.

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